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Be careful when you buy property. Always use a lawyer to check the deeds and or contract.

Some sellers are trying to sell properties at ridiculously low prices. The reason being - they do not own them!

Pay particular attention to Condominiums  and the added costs, also to  the whole condo itself, check that there is no lien against it.

Get a 30 plus thirty year lease ( with option to renew up to 99 years) rather than set up a company. Can be left in your will to your children.

Thai woman married to foreigners buying land; there was no such law. It was the policy of the government towards the land department. But it can be done. Up to one Rai -    The Land Department keeps the deeds.

Amity Treaty Company (USA only) you have no more rights to land purchasing than a normal company.

July 2006 Landholding Companies
Read this now don't get caught

Work permits
To get a work permit, you will need a letter from the company employing you in order to apply for your Non-Immigrant Cat. "B" Visa.

Once you have your visa, then the company can apply for the work permit. Once you leave that company you will have to reapply,  as the work permit and or Visa are not transferable.

 Minimum monthly income for foreigners working in Thailand. 39 Jobs you cannot do restricted occupations

When you decide to get married and have Joint Bank Accounts, be careful. All the other person needs to withdraw money is a signed copy of your passport.

Once the money is gone, the Bank does not have jurisdiction to investigate the fraud, you may do it, but it would take years and is costly.

Lending money- don't do it, if the other person cannot pay you back it could take up to 5 years in a Thai court and if they have no money they cannot give you any back, even if the court tells them to.

 If they have land as collateral then OK, but if they offer a vehicle don't do it. If they smash the vehicle and have no money, then you must pay. ( you being the NEW owner)

We strive to keep this page up to date, it is for information purposes only,
 PCT Thailand is not responsible if any information is out of date or incorrect.

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