Restricted occupations

A Royal Decree in 1973 listed 39 occupations that were then closed to aliens. This list has
been amended on several occasions by subsequent Royal Decrees, the latest one in 1979. Prohibited occupations are:

Work in agriculture, animal breeding,
forestry, fishery or general farm
Masonry, carpentry, or other
construction work
Wood carving
Driving motor vehicles or non-motorized
carriers, except for piloting
international aircraft
Shop attendant
Supervising, auditing or giving
services in accounting, except
occasional international auditing
Gem cutting and polishing
Hair cutting, hair dressing and
beautician work
Hand weaving
Mat weaving or making of wares from
reed, rattan, kenaf, straw or bamboo
Manufacture of manual fibrous paper
Manufacture of lacquer ware
Thai musical instrument production
Manufacture of niello ware
Goldsmith, silversmith and other
precious metal work
Manufacture of bronze ware
Thai doll making
Manufacture of mattresses and padded
Alms bowl making
Manual silk product making
Buddha image making
Manufacture of knives
Paper and cloth umbrella fabrication
Hat making
Brokerage or agency work, except in
international business
Pottery or ceramics
Manual cigarette rolling
Legal or litigation service
Clerical or secretarial work
Manual silk reeling and weaving
Thai character type-setting
Hawking business
Tourist guide or tour organising
Architectural work
Civil engineering work