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What things motivate us the most?

What are those fundamental thoughts that move us forward in our everyday lives?

What steps should we take to make reaching our goals and desires easier for ourselves?

All of us have the need to lead a safe, happy and adventurous life together with our loved ones. And care today may only be funded by money.

Why? Because only money provides us with the opportunity to plan and ensure a stable future for ourselves and our families.

Besides maximizing our income it bears the same importance to know how to manage our savings. Today there are many op­ portunities to grow our hard earned pay, but in most cases these services are either deceptive or unable to provide satisfactory re­ turns. Investors gain much smaller profits or face a much higher risk than expected and are almost always charged annoying ex­ tra costs and fees. Very disappointing.

This is why more and more ask: is there an investment service that provides reliable returns in the long term within transparent and secure banking conditions?

During the past years, conventional investment forms have been reassessed by the public; due to today's unstable economy together with returns, safety is getting more and more important too. Changing de­mands and technological innovations have urged reforms in the field of investments as well.

Perfecto FX offers a new generation high return investment opportunity with features un-paralleled in the field of investments. You may now enjoy the benefits of the foreign exchange market with professional expertise!

Risk is diversified across the following in case of Perfecto FX's full portfolio:

The protection of your investment is a crucial factor for you as an investor - and so is for Perfecto FXl Your deposits are held in an account in your own name at one of the world's recognized, top banks and only you have access to your funds for the whole investment period.

Profit is generated by trading currencies in the foreign exchange market. Trading is maintained by selected manager teams of Perfecto FX who manage your account in accordance with a Power of Attorney.

Your investment is capital protected, independent protection is ensured by both the brokerage and Perfecto FX.

You may choose from three managed accounts that are included in the portfolio of Perfecto FX. The managed accounts differ from each other regarding their most important features which make a great opportunity to build a diversified portfolio from them in order to achieve more balanced results with less risk.

protection of your investment

Investment Security

  • account management teams
  • trading systems
  • trading periods
  • risk management
  • traded instruments

By multi-level diversification your high return investment portfolio shall perform strong meanwhile mitigating the risk of losses.

Westpac bank

With the portfolio you may achieve an annual +30% profit! How is that possible?

The investment is completely transparent. You have 0-24 access to the latest account statements and may monitor all trading transactions and your gains by the minute.

Your Perfecto FX managed accounts may be considered long term investments, the minimum investment time horizon we recommend is one year. Still the control over your assets stays always in your hands - you may adjust your investment time horizon freely, add new funds or withdraw your investment any time without any charges.

Perfecto FX managed accounts

Minimum Investment Time

costs with Perfecto FX

Cost of Investment

While common investment products induce numerous fees and expenses, we guarantee that you will never be charged any fixed charges or hidden cost.

Forget about useless costs and enjoy your extra money saved from expenses! Perfecto FX only earns a share of the profits achieved in the form of a success fee.

These features altogether assure you that the interests of manager and investor are aligned: to generate profits for you!

+20% First Time Deposit Bonus

Investment Bonus

We would also like to present you with an exclusive special offer only available for the investors of Perfecto FX. If you start investing now, all of your managed accounts shall be credited a +20% First Time Deposit Bonus! The Bonus is offered by the brokerage and credited for you from their own commissions based on the trading volume meaning it is an income totally independent of the trading returns.

It takes only three easy steps to start the investment:

Sign up through the website of Perfecto FX Open your accounts at the brokerage

Sign and submit the Powers of Attorney

Find detailed information about the investment through the main site at Perfecto FX and after signup and login in your MyPerfecto. Sign up now and start investing within 24 hours!

Download Brochure (.pdf)

20% bonus


Investment Benefits

Holding an investment with us you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accounts in your name - only you have access to your invested funds!
  • Capital protection - your initial fund and its gains are also secured!
  • Diversified portfolio - increase further the safety of your investment!
  • Outstanding returns - even 20 times the euro bank interest!
  • Transparent operation - follow the transactions on your account in real time!
  • Utilizing the latest technological solutions - invest into innovation!
  • Easy account opening - Only 3 minutes and your investment may be active in 72 hours!
  • The minimum initial investment is very low - start your investment with only USD 1000!
  • Professional expertise of more than 15 years - highly qualified managing and trading background!
  • A special Partner Program - exclusive commissions!
  • No costs - only a success fee!
  • Take advantage of our special offer! - Start your investment now with a +20% instant bonus!

Perfecto FX - The new generation investment - Latest News:

Today (08 March 2013) the integration of the registration at Perfecto FX and the account opening at 3TG FX has been finished, which makes it even easier to start investing! By completing the online registration at Perfecto FX you also open your first account with 3TG FX, and the brokerage will e-mail all account information to you shortly thereafter. Perfecto FX will also e-mail all freshly registered Clients – please follow the steps included in these letters to start investing.

Thanks to our new service you may now get answers to your questions and queries regarding our products and the investment by phone too!

This feature is available through the pages of our website, please look for the Call us button. Enter your name and contact data and indicate an appropriate date and time so that we can give you a scheduled call-back.

14 March 2013
We are happy to announce that Perfecto FX Capital Management has opened a new office in Kiev enabling us to support our growing Client base including more and more new investors from Europe, among them many from Eastern Europe, together with a lot of clients from South and South-East Asia. Our new office is suited in the heart of the administrative and commercial centre of the Ukrainian capital close to both governmental offices and major financial businesses such as the National Bank of Ukraine. The agents at our International Support Desk will be pleased to assist you during the European time zone opening hours in the following languages: English, Russian and Hungarian.

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