Cookies Test

This script will test your web browser to see if it can read a cookie required by the (Secureimage) CAPTCHA. You should see a message below letting you know if cookies are properly enabled in your browser.

Note: If you see any errors or warnings at the top of the page, THEN THE TEST PROBABLY FAILED. If you see an error: "Warning: session_start...", it is indicating a problem with your PHP server that will prevent the CAPTCHA from working.

Web browsers have a setting to enable/disable cookies. They also have a setting to block/unblock cookies per each web site. For instructions on how to enable cookies or unblock cookies in your browser, use a search engine. Different internet browsers have different sets of instructions on how to change this setting.

Test Failed: Problem found: Cookies are NOT enabled on your browser.
Try the Cookie Test again just to be sure
If the CAPTCHA is giving you a cookie error, this can be the cause. The Captcha will not be able work. The contact form will display an error: "ERROR: Could not read CAPTCHA cookie. Make sure you have cookies enabled."

Solution: Please configure your browser to allow cookies.

Try the PHP Requirements Test
Try the Cookie Test again
Try the CAPTCHA Test

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