International SOS for Emergency Evacuation and Travel Assistance Services

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International SOS Insurance
International SOS is on standby for emergency evacuations anywhere in the world, with our fleet of air ambulances and medical teams ready for rescue operations. Worldwide the majority of Fortune 1000 companies and millions of individuals depend on International SOS to be their "Global 911."

If an emergency should occur you want a trusted industry leader by your side to orchestrate a complicated mission to get you to a centre of medical excellence with staff you can trust. If you are in another country and you don't speak the language, International SOS has a multi-lingual staff including doctors and nurses to explain and translate important information for you.

SOS is the answer to all your travel problems:

  • Emergency evacuation.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Security assistance.
  • Travel health information.
  • Access to a global network of SOS approved doctors and hospitals.
  • Email alerts regarding country specific medical and security information.
  • Country guides for pre-trip planning.
  • Optional travel insurance for individual members.
  • On-call help 24/7 with SOS doctors, nurses and multi-lingual staff with over 75 languages spoken by SOS operators.
  • Emergency Record which allows you to input vital health information to a secure, password protected database for SOS doctors to access should an emergency occur.
  • Travel assistance ? SOS will pay for family members to join a hospitalized member.
  • Medical expense guarantee, emergency translation services and more!
There is no deductible for International SOS services and for your financial protection,
coverage amounts are well above the industry average:

International SOS Insurance

  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation to $1,000,000 per incident.
  • Transportation to join a hospitalized member $2,500 per incident.
  • Accommodation while visiting a hospitalized member $2,500 per incident.
  • Return of a minor child $2,500 per incident.
  • Return of a travelling companion $2,500 per incident.
  • Travel arrangement after medical evacuation $2,500 per incident.
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