American International Assurance company (AIA) and New Hampshire Insurance (AIG).

Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy Thailand

Motor Vehicle Policy
Ultimately motor insurance is about two things: protecting you legally in the event of damage or loss claims resulting from your use of the vehicle, and protecting the investment made in purchasing the vehicle.
PCT Thailand, offers a full range of coverage for cars and motorcycles for both private and corporate use.
Fully comprehensive car coverage
Third Party liability
Minimum government insurance requirements

Information required for vehicle insurance
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Factors That Effect Insurance Premiums:

  • your age, sex and driving experience
  • your occupation
  • the type of vehicle, its age and condition
  • your proposed use of the vehicle
  • your location and local car crime trend
  • where the vehicle is parked overnight
Vehicles over 10 years old cannot have first class insurance in Thailand. But
LMG Insurance
offers you an alternative, "Super Saver Insurance"

AIA & AIG Insurance:

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