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Helps members, ex-members of Uk Forces & TRBL

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is an international law company providing legal services in Thailand

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is a global charity registered in Thailand for people who cannot afford a lawyer

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Thailand and its laws are different from that of other countries. Whenever you want to achieve something here, you have to pay special attention to the details of specific Thai laws.

If you would like to establish a company, apply for a work permit, or buy property  (house, land, condo, car, etc.) or what ever, to avoid any problems now or in the future.

Contact a Thai lawyer first, so that they can advise and help you with all your legal concerns

For a summary of reasons why a foreigner could end up in a Thai police station click here


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Foreigners in Thailand should study leaseholds

Though leasehold remains an option for foreign buyers wanting to own a residential unit, there are some pitfalls they should avoid when making contracts.

Opening a Bar or Restaurant in Thailand

The conventional wisdom floating around is that if a foreign owner doesn’t go into the kitchen during opening hours, he or she can run the restaurant without a work permit. Wrong

New Immigration Rules

Strict changes in Immigration office areas / locations from February 15 2009.
Immigration Act English version
Immigration Office Forms
APPLICATION FEE for work permits will increase, effective 21 December 2009, from 100 baht to 600 baht.
This increase also applies to applications for changes/modifications of existing work permits.
No increase to APPROVAL fees.
Have you lost a loved one due to a doctor’s negligenceMake sure you take this with you on holiday Child I.D. kit Don't lose your child.

Official government travel advice Official travel advice  for British nationals issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London. 
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German & Thai
legal documents and legal advice The MyLawyer service is designed to make creating legal documents and getting legal advice as simple, easy and cost effective as possible.

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Registration of Company Limited
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Work Permit:
Minimum monthly personal income.
39 Jobs you cannot do more info.

Last will and testament more info

Marriage Service:
(GB) marriage in Thailand requirements

Thai Driving Licenses:
Application and Extension for Car and Motorbike  new Pattaya office location

Real Estate:
Land and House for Private and Business, Land and House Transfer, Document Guidance, Corresponding Taxes

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