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The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce Coordinating Committee met with representatives of the Thai Immigration Bureau and the Labour Department at the Immigration Bureau on Monday 25. February 2002

These major points came out of the meeting:

Change of Class of Visa  Foreigners arriving in Thailand with a Transit or Tourist Visa ( obtained from a Thai consulate or embassy abroad )  as distinct from the simple entry stamp ( permitting a stay of 30 days for some nationalities ) may have those visas changed at the immigration Bureau in Thailand to a Non - Immigrant Visa either Class "B" or "O" if they gained employment or decided to stay.
Non - Immigrant Visa Class "O"
This class of visa is required by retirees, spouses of persons permitted to work in Thailand and persons married to Thai wife's This visa may be extended every 12 months if the applicant can provide current  documentary evidence to support the extension. Retirees must be at least 50 years old and be able to show that they have at least THB. 800,000 in a Thai bank account or that they are in receipt of guaranteed monthly income of at least THB. 65,000 from sources abroad.
Spouses of persons working in Thailand must be able to produce photocopies of their marriage certificate, both passports and the working person's valid work permit. Persons married to a Thai national must have at least THB. 400,000 in a Thai bank account or be receiving at least THB. 29,000 per month ( presumably from  offshore sources or as income working, with a work permit of course ) Now must be an average of  THB 40,000 per month
Non - Immigrant Visa Class "B-A"
Section 8.Subject to the law on immigration, any person who wishes to employ an alien from abroad to work in his/her business in the Kingdom may submit an application ( on behalf of the alien ) for a work permit to the Director-General or the officials assigned by him. The Director-General or his officials may issue the permit to the alien under paragraph 1 only after said alien has entered the Kingdom.
Questions relating to visa extensions may be referred to Police Captain Wiraya Prommayon, of the Non-Asian Visa Section. Tel. +66 (02) 285 5143

Who needs a visa? before or on arrival

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