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Do you place frequent, long calls? You should get a phone card with a 4 or 2 minute rounding; in exchange for a lower calling rate, you should also consider buying a card with a small connection fee, as this will only be charged one time for each connected call. But the overall cost for your phone calls will be reduced, due to the low rate on your card.

Do you make short, less frequent calls?
You should choose a calling card with a shorter rounding period (1 minute or 1 second); also, it's usually better for you to get a card with no connection fee. Although the rates on these cards are a bit higher than on the higher rounding phone cards, this is still the best option for calls placed once in a while, which only last a few minutes.

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What is a calling card? With a calling card or phone card you can purchase telephone or cellular minutes to make international calls at very low rates.

How do you use a phone card?
After purchasing your international calling card, you will receive a PIN by email. After calling an acces number, insert the pin and dial the number you want to speak to.

Pinless Phone Cards:
with pinless dialing you will not need to enter the PIN card every time you make a phone call. Just registering the phone numbers from where you call will allow you to use your international phone card.

Recharge Option:
You can choose to automatically refill your calling card once you have ran out of credit, so you can keep calling at the best available rates.

Prepaid Calling Cards