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Western Union money transfers

Western Union Money Transfers.

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Here are a couple of reasons why a person could need, or would use Western Union while travelling. 1) Travel Emergency
2) Safer than Cash
3) Running Short on Cash
4) Easier than carrying foreign currencies
5) Major Purchase Decision
6) Holiday Extension


Money Transfer - send Emergency Travel Money now

Travel Emergency
When an accident happens, whether medical, lost luggage, lost money or a person just needs to get home fast regardless of cost. The fastest way to get money to them is a Western Union Person to Person Money Transfer.

Safer Than Cash
When travelling overseas for long periods, especially when camping or back packing, is it really safe to carry cash, or even travellers checks for that matter, both are easily stolen or lost and for a traveller carrying all their money on them, this can be a terrible situation to end up in.
So why do it? Having money wired from the US or worldwide to travellers as they move around the world is fast and safe. No need to carry bundles of cash nor get caught without local currency as Western Union delivers the money quickly in the local funds.

Running Short of Cash
It's very easy for travellers to over extend themselves and suddenly find themselves short for the last few days. Meaning they need to ask for a quick injection of cash from overseas. Using Western Union's online Money Transfer is a fast and easy way to do this.

Easier than carrying foreign currencies
Every currency exchange done costs money. When travelling across multiple borders no one wants to get stuck with too much foreign currency nor do they want to lose more value on changing it to another currency. Western Union money transfers arrive in local currency making it easier than carting around lots of foreign money and safer too.

Major Purchase Decision
Not everyone takes credit cards, and when a traveller is in a bazaar and spots that "must have" item that costs more than they have budgeted, then they need cash fast before they move on.  Western Union is a fast cash injection for travellers looking to make unexpected cash purchases.

Holiday Extension
Credit cards maxed out, money almost gone and another 5 days in paradise is needed, the fastest solution is Western Union, get the money over to the travellers in a hurry so they can book rooms and keep eating.

Not Listed Agents:
Bank of Ayudhya
95 Wichit Road
Kampaeng Phet, Kam

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All Bank of Ayudhya branches seem to be agents of Western Union
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